Sep 162011

Mahatma Ghandi © by Arabani

I wrote earlier today about taking Financial Ownership (at Beating Broke), but there’s much more to a successful 21st century human life than just the financial aspect.  Ghandi is quoted as having said, “Be the change that you want to see in the world.”  That’s just a fancy Ghandi way of saying “take ownership in your life.”

If you want to see the world change, you’ve got to take the ownership of your vision, and make the change happen.  The world isn’t going to do it alone.  The change isn’t going to just magically appear in your lap, fully formed and done.  You have to be that change.

Taking ownership in your life isn’t just about changing the world, although that will likely happen, even if it is only in the small microcosm world that you interact with on a daily basis.  What it really means is taking ownership of every aspect of your life.  Assuming the blame for when you fail, and humbly accepting the accolades when you succeed.

You’ve got to do it.  No one else is going to act upon your dreams unless you lead them.  Take the ownership in your life.  Direct your life in the direction you want it to go.  Learn what you need to learn to successfully implement your plans.  Associate yourself with the people who will support and push you to follow through with your ownership.  But, most of all, take the ownership in your life and act positively.