Dec 032012

As anyone who’s happened upon this site will likely be able to figure out, I’m a big fan of TED talks.  They’re like 20 minutes of inspiration.  And, you can find a talk on just about any subject you care to learn about.  As a result of watching them pretty regularly on YouTube, my YouTube recommendations are usually full with TED talks that I’ve not seen.  One such popped up, and I found it pretty good.  It’s a talk given by Mel Robbins.  She talks about the reasons that you are screwing yourself over, and the steps you can take to avoid doing so.

There were a couple of things that really struck me within the talk.  The first was when she mentions a “5 second rule”.  Not the one where you have to pick up dropped food within 5 seconds, either.  She explains it as you have to take “action within 5 seconds to marry it with an idea”.  Any idea/thought that you have, you have to take some action on it within 5 seconds, or it’s lost.  The action doesn’t have to be anything super special, just something like writing the idea down in a notebook, but you have to take action on it.

The second thing that really struck me was when she said: “Your problem isn’t ideas; your problem is you don’t act on them.  You kill them.”  How many ideas have you killed by not taking action on them?  I know my list would be super long.  She also talks about having to force yourself to change in order to take those actions.  Our first instinct is to remain on “autopilot” and let things go along as they are.  That, she explains, is why so many of us are unhappy with our lives.  It’s not that we lead terrible lives, but that we’ve become bored with them because we’ve let them remain on “autopilot.”

What do you take away from watching the video?