Feb 182011

Compare current education system to system like roman forums. Difference in being talked with rather than being talked to / lectured to. Involvement in learning / hands on learning vs study a book.
Teachers have become little more than transmitters of info from textbooks.
Lack of necessity in “required” courses. Difference in tech schools vs liberal arts college.


Jan 012011

The beginning.  First, welcome to 21st Century Human.  I suppose it would be best to start off with where the name comes from, and, what it means.

In many circles, much of what I am/will be discussing here is tagged with the concept of renaissance.  I toyed with naming this site something along the lines of “Renaissance Human”.  I didn’t because, for many, the idea of renaissance is irrevocably tied to the renaissance period of human history, somewhere in Europe.  In short, it’s tied to history, rather than future.  Much like the word revolution is tied, for many Americans, to the American Revolution against the rule of England, renaissance is tied to a period of time in history, and loses much of it’s true meaning.  In fact, of the 8 definitions on dictionary.com, only two really pertain to the meaning of the word and not to the period of time.  As I would use it here, dictionary.com defines renaissance as “a renewal of life, vigor, interest, etc.; rebirth;”

So, throwing away the word renaissance as a naming device, I chose the next closest thing that I thought truly described what I really meant here.  21st Century Human.  A human for the future, that has adapted to our new lifestyles, and the new evolution in our societies.  A human no longer tied to the bonds of place, but with the freedom to explore new ideas and places on a whim with the technology that is available to us.

As humans in the technology era, we’ve become conditioned to think that a cubicle is a perfectly acceptable location for work.  Day in and day out, we file into our offices and do our “work”, with little in the way of fulfilling activities.  In many cases, it’s not the lack of ability, nor the actual location that causes this lack of fulfillment, but, rather, the lack of meaningful work.  Very few are actually doing work that they feel is meaningful.  Some do work that they feel is against their mores, all for the sake of “paying the bills”.  Not only is it unsafe morally, but the stress and anguish that it causes in the worker can be extremely unsafe for the workers’ well-being.

These humans are in dire need of a renaissance.  A renewing of life, vigor, and interest.  A rebirth as a 21st Century Human.

What exactly is a 21st Century Human, though?  Much like the people who dot the landscape of the historical Renaissance, a 21st Century Human embraces the concepts of learning, skill building, independent thinking, responsibility and true purpose.

A 21st Century Human believes that learning doesn’t end with the achievement of graduation from a college or university.  Learning is a life-long activity that leads to greater self-worth and a greater understanding of our purpose and of the world around us. A 21st Century Human aims for the levels of learning commonly attributed to that of a polymath.

A 21st Century Human believes that self-improvement is key.  Learning and building new skill sets can open up new avenues for fulfillment and meaningful work.

A 21st Century Human believes that we were all created as independent beings.  While many of us may develop similar ways of thinking and similar stances on certain topics, thinking as an independent being is an important part of our responsibilities to ourselves and to society.

A 21st Century Human realizes and accepts that he/she alone is responsible for his/her own actions and, ultimately, his/her own situation.

A 21st Century Human believes that each of us has a true purpose.  A calling to a particular set of occupations and skills.  And, that that true purpose is the right path for us to travel in our lives and can lead to living a satisfied, fulfilling, and meaningful life.

Finally, I feel that I must make it clear that I am no expert on any of those topics.  I, too, am merely beginning the journey towards being a 21st Century Human.  In the many things that I’ve done, none have felt so right as those I’ve done towards this goal.  Much like a priest called to lead the faithful, I feel as if I’ve been called to lead along this path.  I hope you’ll come along.  I welcome your company, and desire your honest input and conversation on the many subjects that will come up here.

I’m ready to break the conditioned patterns that we’ve all been trained to fill.  I’m ready to become a 21st Century Human.  Are you?

Dec 232010

I’m working on putting up the drapes, arranging the furniture, and making sure we’ve got plenty of conversation to be had before I open the doors.

If you happen upon this before the 1st of January 2011, please bear with me as I  tinker with the site.  The plan is to go live as of January 1, 2011, and start off the new year with a bang.

My hope is that you find this site to be insightful, thought provoking, and even inspirational.  I think we can all do better for our selves than we have, and the constraints, well intentioned or not, of society have held us back.  My aim is to break through those constraints, become a little bit unconventional, and change the world.  I hope you’ll stay, learn along with me, and change the world in your own way.
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